Contact information


201 9th St. San Francisco, CA. 94103

Phone number:

P: 415-255-2742, F: 415-255-8887


We are open:

Wed, Thur, Sunday: 7:15PM – 11:00PM

Friday: 7:15PM – 2:00AM

Sat: 5:00PM – 2:00AM



  • "This place is so San Francisco and such a blast!  Food is great!"
    Candy J.
    Berkeley, CA
  • "I brought a date here recently, we both really enjoyed it and the ladies of AsiaSF were fantastic! Food was wonderful and the drinks were amazing!"
    Vincent S.
    San Francisco, CA
  • "I took four unsuspecting coworkers here on our last night in town, and "forgot" to mention the real appeal of ASF. Because where is the fun in spoiling the surprise? In case any of you unsuspecting readers think you're perusing a page for an Asian restaurant with fine-looking servers... well you'd be kinda right. However you'd be missing the entire point of ASF's trademark, their claim-to-fame, their je ne sais quoi, if you will. The servers and DJ are drag queens and/or transgender beauties who perform on the red bar once you've been served. Oh yeahhhhhhhh."
    Sarah V.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "Seriously, one of the most fun, delicious meals ever!  My husband found it (again, courtesy of our fellow Yelpers).  We immediately felt right at home, the service was friendly and sassy and just plain fun.  We ordered our 3 courses each, and then came the big surprise!  Dancers!!  It was so much fun and such great energy.  I wanted to hang out here all night.  I had the mussels, which were abundant, my husband and I both gorged ourselves and couldn't finish the bowl.  The broth they swam in was addictive as crack, we had to order more garlic bread to sop it all up.  My husband had the tuna sashimi app, which was good in its own right."
    Cyndi J.
    Minneapolis, MN
  • "This is a San-Francisco must-do! There is simply no other place like it. It is one of the most entertaining dining experiences I've had. The atmosphere is trendy and classy with just the right kinda naughty and nice entertainment San Francisco is known for. The ladies are STUNNING and extremely talented. The show is both impressive and hilarious at times. The service was fantastic and the food and drinks good. You will enjoy yourself. AsiaSF is warm, entertaining welcome to San Francisco."
    Joy F.
    Concord, CA
  • "THE SHOW - So fun!  We saw 6 performers, each one just got better and better.  Awesome tracks by Beyonce, Katy Perry and more were performed in epic scale by the AsiaSF ladies up on the bar in the center of the restaurant.  The performers double as your servers, and are as friendly and helpful as they are beautiful and fun!  Don't come here with any inhibitions, cuz they will only get in the way.  Enjoy the show, let loose and have fun!"
    Terri N.
    Sacramento, CA
  • "Had so much fun here! The ladies are so lovely and beautiful. 3 course meal was excellent and delicious drinks. The show was entertaining and fabulous! Would be great for a birthday celebration or just for some good times!"
    Maddie G.
    Stockton, CA

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